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    I am Doina Fitu, a former Romanian lawyer, and since 2002 I live in USA. Since 2006 I am a soul health coach at my holistic health practice “Heal N.O.W. “ -  Nothing Ordinary Works. According to my expertise, health is created in the heart, therefore I developed a method “Way Of Life “, connecting the spirit with the soul. I am an author grounded on my cases and my clients are introduced to my  “Home Allergy Remedy” tending to reduce chronic inflammation in joints and muscles.


Legal background back home, Romania ; Educator and practitioner of emotional reflexology, regression and forgiveness expert.

As a health care practitioner I am a nutritional consultant working with “Analytical Research Laboratory Tissue Mineral Analysis” to help the bodily tissue get rid of the heavy metals poison.


1) As a lawyer I have the analytical skills

2) As a reflexology practitioner working on the emotional system from the reticulated formation I have the healing skills established by reputation.

3) As an author I have the skills to help the readers understand the importance of healing the subconscious mind and how to do it


THREE steps, SIXTY days, NINETY SIX hours all with me ?

1) Hair test analysis with 3 month personalized diet and supplements ($960)

2) Customized emotional reflexology if the client is loco. If not on Skype or Zoom is specialized forgiveness technique for subconscious healing, 3 times /month. The usual session is 60 minutes.($2250) (36 hours)

3) Two times/week entails-updates, activation of spirit soul connection, information especially of the scientific variety and above, Q & This period is usually 90 minutes ($3000)(30 hours)

The benefits of this package are many but the main goal is the preparation to heal your soul in your heart. In the heart is the consciousness of the omnipresent love and expects what you really want.

My promotional offer is priceless but I ask what is fair for you, $6210.


   In your first session you will get an acquired assessment. Accordingly, you and me will prepare the strategy to achieve your physical well-being. The target is you as an emotional being to be healed in your heart one with the above. What you have in your heart you will have in your consciousness and this will be your “Way Of Life” connecting your spirit with your soul living a healthy happy body one with the universal. 

   Each session of W.O.L. in person combines 5 techniques

1) Nerve endings activation based on neuron biochemical action done to palliate the pain

2) Body manipulation

3) Body’s bio energy balancing

4) Regression 

5) Forgiveness

All these are enabling you to live consciously  from your love and above of a child -heart connecting your spirit with your soul.

 Each session of W.O.L. on Skype or Zoom combines 5 techniques

1) D.I.R. Detection, Identification, Remove,Replacement of negative emotion

2) Emotional body exercise to stimulate the immune system, the metabolism and the positive vibes

3) Body’s bio-energy balancing

4) Regression

5) Forgiveness


   My mission is to heal the truth of life. 

   Healing the emotions is healing the body which is a nervous spiritual system. The emotion is energy in motion and stuck emotion is energy depletion from bodily tissues one with brain and hair tissues.

Teaching how emotional system works. The emotional system is the spiritual power connecting the soul always an infant into human heart where the human name is served cosmically with omnipresent love.


  My why is my youngest son who chose to diminish the emotional pain using drugs. Using drugs he diminishes his spiritual power which heals his soul sustainable for life.

Heal N.O.W. goal is to heal +25 million people (population of Romania) achieving one client every day, creating  W.O.L coaches and founding capital, + $ 1000000, to create “Why Worry Go To Mary” Cosmic Healing Center .

Heal N.O.W. program proudly healed+100 people from more than 4 continents.


$591/ 3 sessions; 60 minutes/person, $250 normal.


A precisely diagnostic which your nerve endings can give, the causation of pain through the symptom which is a trapped emotion, body energy balance, regression, forgiveness and pain relief. For best results recommendation are+ three session 

$333, 3 sessions, 30 min/session/person on person or by phone, Skype or Zoom. $ 333 is 60 ‘ for my heart method “Way of Life “ connecting the spirit with the soul. For best results recommendation are+ three session


Instant relaxation and pain relief through the ultimatum knowledge of science of spirit   

Spiritual element may not be easily understood by general population and I totally understand. My spiritual element was my solution to heal my 9 vital organs in 2009. This journey reminded me who I am and what I have to do and all of them I written for you in my guide.

      My book "Guide to Happiness-Boot Camp for the Twenty First Century " reveals the journey of my soul, always an infant , healed in my heart .When you know your body from  your heart you know how your given word  is  your  work of art coming  back to you in flesh and blood. With cosmic love, Deniza Doina Fitu.


Guide to Happiness- Boot Camp for the Twenty Century      

                                      Order   N.O.W. at :  Amazon. com ; Balboapress.com or   call    Doina : (480)280-7800

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